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Digium Hosted PBX Systems (Only available to U.S. Customers)

In today's fast moving and mobile market you want a phone system that can keep pace with your ever-changing business needs. Digium's Hosted PBX offers more than just dial-tone; it offers a complete unified communications system. And, all of the features are included for one-low price per user. Digium's Hosted solution offers you the ability to have a hassle-free phone system - simple, plug-and-play installation, low CAPEX and peace of mind that you have the features you need to provide your business a competitive edge. No other solution on the market can offer you all of that at a competitive price.

Offering you the same features as Digium's Award-Winning Switchvox, this Hosted PBX truly provides game-changing UC capabilities for your business.


Here are only a few of the features included for one low price:

  • Dedicated Local Number with E911 Service
  • 2,000 US Domestic Local/Long Distance Minutes[1] Shared by Account
  • Unlimited Extension-to-Extension Dialing
  • Personalized, interactive Switchboard for every user
  • Voicemail for every user
  • Personalized call experience (prompts, call routing, and more) with built-in IVR and Auto-Attendant capabilities
  • Conference calling & individual conference bridges
  • Mobile device support
  • Built-in call queues & detailed queue reporting
  • Music-on-Hold
  • Personal call rules for every user
  • Presence & Collaboration
  • Voicemail-to-email notifications
  • Additional language support (Globalization)
  • Detailed reporting

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