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Virtualization Services

AOShield Virtualization

Save money, time and the environment through Virtualization. How? Simple! Virtualise your servers, operating systems, storage and network and increase the operation and flexibility of your hardware platform. Run multiple operating systems and applications on the same machine at the same time.

Virtual machines and virtual servers enable you to reduce management and maintenance overheads, energy consumption, data centre space and system complexity. They offer simplified disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Get more out of your existing resources through server consolidation - increase utilization and decrease operational costs.

Virtualized environments are secure and easier to manage. Our experienced IT consultants can work with your team to implement a virtualized solution that will exceed your expectations and make you wonder why you didn't virtualize sooner!

  • Storage virtualization
  • Application virtualization
  • Server virtualization
  • Software virtualization
  • Windows virtualization

Click here to see how Koppers Australia reduced their prime power use by 43%, lowered its operational and IT management overheads and minimise downtime with a virtualised solution.

Desktop Virtualization

If you've already virtualised your server infrastructure, you can gain even more benefits by virtualizing your users' desktops.

Virtualized desktops offer a range of business benefits including:

  • Easy access from any appropriately configured device
  • Simple disaster recovery
  • Streamlined, centralized maintenance

Talk to AOShield Solutions Inc about the possible benefits of virtualization in your organization. Virtualization projects can be implemented in stages to spread out expenditure and to better manage organizational change.

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