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Managed Services

AOShield Solutions Inc. Managed Services is built around providing innovative and exceptional IT solutions to support your core business. Our capabilities allow us to provide turnkey IT management services to large cross section of organizations located throughout Canada. Since our inception in 2009, AOShield Solutions Inc. managed services division has been the cornerstone of our company's growth.

Our strategic solutions help you manage cost, reduce risk, increase flexibility and realize operational efficiencies. By putting the day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure in our expert hands, you enhance your ability to scale for growth and concentrate on true innovation. Differentiate your business and create competitive advantage with our help. AOShield Solutions Inc. offers a complete managed service offering covering all aspects of IT management. Our customers have the option to either select components that best fit in their current IT support structure or engage AOShield Solutions Inc. to provide complete IT management services.

Our Managed Services are governed around the ITIL framework and include important controls through reporting and Service Level Management.

AOShield Offers the Following Hosting Services:

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